The online pro-shop will be officially launching January 2016.
Thanks you so much for your patience.


1) Do you customize handguns other than GLOCK and Smith & Wesson?
a. No. We used to work on a wider variety of pistols, but in order to keep up with demand and not have turnaround times stretch beyond a year like they have in the past, our focus is now on GLOCK, M&P, and Shield pistols exclusively.
2) How long is the wait to have custom work done?
a. Turn around time varies throughout the year based on our workflow. Please contact us for current time estimate prior to shipping.
3) Do you need my gun for the entire estimated turnaround time? Or could I just wait/take a number/get on a list, and send it to you when you're closer to the end?
a. We need your gun the entire time. We don't have a wait list or assign numbers. Custom projects are done in small groups, and cycled through in stages, which allows us to make steady progress on everyone's project. Please bear in mind that turnaround time is an estimate only. Sometimes we are done sooner, sometimes things take longer. As such, please ensure that you have nothing scheduled (such as department qualifications, training courses, deployments, or industry events) during or shortly after the timeframe we give you.
4) Do you offer an expedited service and at what cost?
a. Yes, but availability of that service is dependent on Ben´s workload, as he does the expedited projects on his own time/days off, so it doesn´t interfere with his regular work. Please contact us to see if we are currently offering expedited services. Note: Expedited service cost is list price plus 100%. Expedited turnaround time for frame work only is 3 weeks or less; Expedited turnaround time for complete pistol packages that included slide milling and refinishing averages 5 weeks. Expediting fees do not apply to hardware components purchased as part of the package, such as sights, extended slide stops, etc.
5) May I get just a stipple job? Or do I have to pick a grip package...
a. We do not offer stippling by itself; we only offer a selection of comprehensive ergonomic grip packages (link) in which stippling is included as the element that provides traction.
6) Do you offer MIL/LE/INDUSTRY PRO discounts on your custom work? How about T&E/review samples you send out?
a. We do not offer discounts on custom work. Nearly 90% of our clientele fall into one of those professional categories, so our pricing structure already takes that into consideration. We do not offer custom guns for T&E/Review.
7) May I buy a gun online/from another dealer and have it shipped directly to you for custom work?
a. Yes, we are happy to receive a firearm purchased elsewhere along with your order for custom work, so long as it is a firearm we are currently offering customization services for. For GLOCKs and M&Ps, a custom grip package is required at minimum in order for us to receive it in for transfer. Upon completion, we can transfer it to you (FL residents only/transfer fee applies) or ship it to an FFL of your choosing for transfer.
8) Do you offer general firearm or NFA transfer services?
a. We offer NFA (title 2/class 3) transfer services only at this time. NFA transfer fee is $100 per NFA item ($50 per each additional NFA item submitted at the same time/session). Our primary NFA transfer method is e-file, but if the service is unavailable, the transfer documents will be submitted in hard copy via post. Our NFA transfer fee does not apply to NFA items purchased from us. Customer is responsible for $200 per item excise tax payable to government.
9) Do you ship to California?
a. Yes, for CA compliant firearms only. We are registered with CA DOJ and will secure approval documentation and include it with the shipment. $25 documentation fee applies in addition to any processing fees and shipping charges. This only applies to firearms that were purchased through us, or routed through us from a third party, with the final destination being CA. CA DOJ approval is not required for firearms that were sent to us from an individual or FFL in CA, and which are being returned to the same individual or FFL who sent them.
10) I´m local. May I drop my pistol off at your shop?
a. Yes, if you have the work order form filled out and simply need to drop the gun off, you are welcome to do so Monday through Friday, from 10 AM to 4 PM. Please understand that with our tight custom work schedule, we can only accommodate project drop-offs, not consultation visits. If you aren’t sure what you want done and would like to discuss the details, see number 11.
11) I’m not sure exactly what I want done on my custom project, and would like to discuss the details so I can be sure that what I’m getting is right for me. How could I arrange this?
a.Please ship/deliver/drop off the gun to our shop with the work order form filled out with your contact information, a copy of your drivers license, and signature. Fill in whatever package/options you’re sure of (if any), and leave the rest blank. Once your firearm is received, Ben will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your project, and will take as much time as needed to ensure that you get the package/options that are right for you. Please understand that due to his tight work schedule and limited time for communication, Ben can only consult with customers who have submitted a firearm for work
12) How often should I contact you to check in on the status of my order?
a. As part of our commitment to providing all our clients with the highest quality craftsmanship, critical focus on all projects, and completion within the estimated timeframe, we do our best to eliminate any unnecessary interruptions which sets us back time-wise and disrupt our concentration. As such, we request that you do not request project status updates unless we have reached the end of the estimated completion time.
13) Do you repair or redo pistols that were previously stippled or damaged by someone else?
a. No. We only accept pistols with no permanent modifications to the relevant components for custom work. Examples: if you want grip work, the frame must not have any previous stippling or material removal of any kind. If you want slide work, the slide must not have any aftermarket milling. If the pistol is damaged, we suggest you hold the responsible party accountable for repair or replacement. FYI: GLOCK Inc will exchange ruined frames for a new frame (with new serial number) for a reasonable charge (please don't quote or contact us regarding this..we don't know if they currently offer this service or what the current cost is).
14) I really like the look of another shop's work. Could you replicate it for me?
a. Absolutely not. Out of respect for our fellow craftsmen who--like us--have worked hard to establish a unique and recognizable trademark style, we will not copy anyone else's work.