As a MIL veteran, I am proud that so many good men and women who know what it’s like to trust their life to their wits, their training, their equipment, and to the person next to them, also trust my company to make their duty and personal sidearms better. Our sole aim is to build rugged Duty/Carry guns that our clients can trust with their life, and which give them an advantage if and when they need it the most. Our work is not only trusted 24/7 by armed professionals nationwide, but also has been put to the ultimate test in the line of duty and by concealed carriers in at least 12 incidents since 2002.

Because we appreciate and support those who voluntarily go into harm’s way on others’ behalf, we are pleased to offer a 10% discount off our entire Duty Series line to all active-duty Law Enforcement and Military. To my fellow veterans and to the retirees, thank you for your service, but the LE/MIL discount is for the folks currently putting their ass on the line. Thanks for understanding.


At Boresight Solutions, we have never felt that the hardware modifications we do is a substitute for a solid software foundation, i.e. training. However, we do believe that our work, which is tailored individually to each client and isn’t a cookie-cutter modification, can provide a certain benefit to all shooters regardless of skill level.  It’s been proven that good ergonomics and smoother function take a lot of mechanical interference and mental energy out of the act of shooting the gun, and thereby can make the shooter more efficient, intuitive, and effective.

Aside from being dedicated fulltime craftsmen here at Boresight Solutions, we are all shooters as well. I personally attend at least one tactical training class a month, so I’m aware of the significant personal and financial investment a student must make if he or she wants to train regularly. But taking training classes is also an investment in yourself, as is investing in good quality, proven equipment that’s built for hard use…or as we say here, “Built for the Fight”.

Because I know full well how costly it is to take professional training on a regular basis, and I respect the dedication and commitment of those who manage to do so, I offer a special discount program to students who train with a select group of instructors. These instructors are folks with whom I’ve trained personally, and who’ve also trusted my company to build custom guns for them. Many of the folks on the list I’ve known for years and am proud to call friends. But the main factor of the people on the list is that we all have similar values and mindset…they in why they teach, and me in why my company builds guns…that it’s not so much about making a profit as it is about making a difference. (Note: this is not to say that instructors who aren’t part of this program aren’t good, I simply don’t have a relationship with them.)

Qualifying for our Student Discount program is pretty simple:

Train a minimum of 16 hours (usually a two day class) with one of the below-listed instructors who are part of our program within the last 90 days, and you’ll receive a 10% discount on our Duty Series line of custom work.

Student must send a copy of their training certificate which includes the date and duration of the class when placing an order with us.   If the instructor does not issue certificates, please have them provide you with something to verify that you’ve met the criteria.

Now for the inevitable disclaimers: Discount does not apply to firearms purchased from our inventory for Duty Series projects (discount does apply to all the work and upgrades on Duty Series builds from our inventory), and also does not apply to our Competition Series or Signature Series lines. Discount cannot be combined with our MIL/LE discount or any other sales/promos we might offer. Discount is only available direct through us, and is not offered by any of our stocking dealers.

Brian Canova / E.A.G. Tactical (formerly owned by Pat Rogers)

Carl Hannold / Southeast Tactical Concepts

Chase Jenkins / Talon Defense

Craig Douglas / Shivworks

Don Deyo / D-Dey Response Group

Don Edwards / Greenline Tactical

Ernest Langdon / Langdon Tactical Technology

Grant Reid / Code Red Tactics

Hilton Yam / 10-8 Performance

Jared Reston / Reston Group Training

Jim Dexter / Tactically Sound

John Johnston & Melody Lauer / Citizens Defense Research

Kerry Davis / Dark Angel Medical

Kyle Lamb / Viking Tactics

Larry Vickers / Vickers Tactical

Mickey Schuch / Carry Trainer

Mike Pannone / CTT Solutions

Nick Stanko / Hard Target Training

Paul Sharp / Sharp Defense / SBG Illinois /

Randy Cain / Cumberland Tactics

Richard Smith / The Firearms Training Academy

Scott Jedlinski / Modern Samurai Project

Shawn Bergert / Inherent Threat Resolutions

Shawn Lupka / Antifragile Training

Tom Givens / Rangemaster

Zee Durham / Instructor_Zee

[email protected]

Southern Exposure Training Facility

NOTE: SETC is a private range. However, I know that any instructor who conducts training at SETC has been well-vetted, therefore any 16 hour or more class held at SETC qualifies for our Student Discount even if the instructor is not specifically named on this list.