Duty Series Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm, new/blemished

Starting at  $849.95

Duty Series Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm, new/blemished. Blemished just means the COSMETIC details of a build don’t meet our quality control standards. There is nothing wrong mechanically. Simply put: when we don’t do our best work on our inventory builds, but the gun is still mechanically solid, you get it at a steep discount. Details: Duty Series grip package, sharp texture (can be taken down to medium or fine via the below menu); Full Type 1 slide package with black nitride. In addition to the recut rear side cocking serrations and the new front cocking serrations and top rear Mako serrations for one handed racking, the slide also has our logo engraved down in a recessed pocket on the top front. This gun is shown without sights, but it will be delivered with factory iron sights unless a sight upgrade is specified below. It will also be delivered with the stock trigger unless an upgrade is selected below. List price on this build, unblemished, would normally be $1245.


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