The online pro-shop will be officially launching January 2016.
Thanks you so much for your patience.

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At Boresight Solutions, we specialize in Tools to Live By TM

Boresight Solutions Group LLC is a disabled-veteran owned 07 FFL and Type 2 SOT. Our Pro Shop & Custom Gunsmithing operation is dedicated to providing experienced and discerning shooters with a proven selection of hard-use fighting equipment and firearm customization services.


You’ll find our no-frills retail & online Pro-Shop stocked with quality, professional-grade equipment and accessories carefully chosen to meet the needs and standards of the most demanding clientele. We might not offer the widest selection of products, but every item we stock has been exhaustively tested by ourselves and our network of professional end-users. This translates to tens of thousands of collective hours of punishing analysis under high-RPM conditions, from tactical training courses, to daily law enforcement duties, to overseas combat. Simply put: if we wouldn’t use it ourselves, you won’t find it on our shelves.
We build and customize hard-use firearms that our clients can not only count on under the worst conditions, but which they are also proud to own. From custom duty/carry pistols to combat-grade rifles and shotguns, we combine rugged reliability with refined, mature aesthetics, for a streamlined, high-quality package that performs every bit as good as it looks. Every element of our work is measured against uncompromising standards, because on a fighting gun, there are no “unimportant” details. To us, there is no greater honor or responsibility than being entrusted with tools that good men & women trust with their life.