About Boresight Solutions

A letter from the owner...

I guess you could call me an accidental entrepreneur.

When my hitch as a U.S. Air Force TACP/JTAC as was up, I swapped my combat boots and GAU-5 for corporate khakis and a GLOCK 19. But on my own time and dime I stayed dedicated to maintaining the tactical firearm skills I’d gotten from Uncle Sam, which I’d come to recognize as an indispensable tool in an increasingly dangerous post-9/11 world.

As my gunslinger education evolved through frequent training classes with professional instructors, the experience helped me find and fix the various functional and ergonomic shortcomings in my firearms and equipment. Piece by piece, I went about eliminating all the mechanical speedbumps that kept me from becoming a better and more efficient shooter.

But when I wanted to solve the ergonomic problems I had with my GLOCK pistol frame, I couldn’t find any work being done on the commercial market that met my needs, let alone done nice enough for me to want to pay for it! I didn’t think it was too much to ask to have a custom pistol that performed AND looked good, so I – very carefully - came up with my own plastic surgery methods to achieve that goal.

The first time I did plastic surgery on a GLOCK frame, it actually turned out pretty nice. And although I didn’t realize it at the time, what I’d done was literally the first example of function AND form on a polymer-frame pistol to hit the custom scene. It drew so much attention from the instructors and students I trained with that I basically had to start a side business customizing pistols for people in the training community almost overnight. And then as word spread, it wasn’t long before my workload grew to the point I was able to open my own small shop and transition into building custom guns fulltime.

Delivering innovative, experience-based, and finely-crafted solutions to meet a serious shooter’s needs was how Boresight Solutions began in 2002, and is what we continue to do as the industry leader in polymer frame pistol modifications… a position that is established by the fact that every modification and method we pioneered has gone mainstream and has been adopted in one way or another by almost every custom shop in the market.

I’m fortunate to have experienced a number of challenging careers in my life, but none which I’ve appreciated as much or committed myself to so completely as this one. I believe I found the one thing that I was born to do. And as military veteran, being entrusted with the fighting tools that good men and women trust with their life is an honor that’s very personal to me, so you have my guarantee that my company and I will never compromise in our dedication to providing you with the highest quality custom firearms that are truly Built for the Fight.

  • Ben D. Simonson, Founder & President.

P.S. I’m often asked where the company name and logo came from. “Bore” and “sight” represent the ballistic and visual planes of the firearm, which the shooter must align to put rounds accurately on target; it’s also a metaphor for the comprehensive work we do to the firearm inside and out.    “Solutions” is simply a nod to the innovative problem-solving that started everything. The wild boar is an archetypal image, revered in many cultures throughout history for its warrior courage. Our logo design is meant to convey the boar poised but not threatening, ready but not aggressive unless faced with a threat…much like the ethos of the soldier, the police officer, and the armed citizen.