About Boresight Solutions

A letter from the owner...

You could call me an accidental entrepreneur.

When I modified my first GLOCK, I had no intention of making it a business. I was fresh out of the military, living in Miami FL, and taking a lot of tactical training classes in order to maintain my skillset, and I wanted a solution to the factory grip’s ergonomic shortcomings that I could tell were hindering my shooting performance. I didn’t care for what was offered by the very few professional shops that were doing that kind of work at the time, so I did it myself.

As a kid I’d helped my gunsmith dad in his workshop, so maybe that gave me an advantage. And because I was an experienced shooter already, I diagnosed exactly what I didn’t like about the gun. So I not only had a clear vision of what I was looking to accomplish, but also a good idea how to do it. That first project turned out pretty good, and apparently the other students at the training classes I attended, many of whom were law enforcement, thought so too, because I immediately found myself modifying guns for my fellow students and local police officers in my spare time. That was in 2002.

At first I worked part time out of a friend’s gun shop and licenses, but it wasn’t long before my volume increased to the point that I was able to get my own place: a 500 square foot concrete sweat box in Miami’s “Little Haiti” district. That was home to me and eventually 2 employees for many years. When the craft of customizing polymer-frame pistols finally evolved from a marginal niche to a popular business, I was able to move out of Miami, to a much larger (and air conditioned) shop and storefront a bit north in Davie FL, which is where we are located today.

Our small, no-frills retail area is stocked with quality gear, parts, and accessories carefully chosen to meet our high standards for durability, reliability, and performance. We carry a variety of popular firearms that are un-modified, which you can also have us customize for you if you’d like. We also stock NFA items like silencers. We don’t stock a wide selection of products, but each item has been chosen because we believe in it. Simply put: if we wouldn’t use it ourselves, you won’t find it on our shelves.

But our main focus is still building and customizing harduse firearms that our clients can not only count on under the worst conditions, but which they are also proud to own. We strive to combine rugged reliability with refined, mature aesthetics, in a high-quality package that performs every bit as good as it looks. Every element of our work is measured against uncompromising standards, because on a duty/carry gun, there are no “unimportant” details. Each one is, as our motto states, “Built for the Fight”.

Providing experience-based, performance-driven solutions to meet shooters’ needs was how Boresight Solutions began, and is what we continue to do almost 20 years later as the recognized industry leader when it comes to custom polymer-frame pistol mods, a position established by the fact that every modification and method we pioneered has been copied in one way or another by nearly every other custom shop in this industry.

I’m fortunate to have experienced a number of challenging careers in my life, but none which I’ve appreciated as much or committed myself to so completely as this one. And as a military veteran, being entrusted with the fighting tools that good men and women trust with their life, is an honor I don’t take for granted. As such, you have my personal guarantee that my team and I will never compromise our dedication to providing you with quality products and top-tier custom firearms.

  • Ben Simonson, Founder & President

I’m often asked where the company name and logo came from. To “Boresight” a gun, as most people know, is a technique to dial the visual aiming plane in to intersect with the bullet trajectory at a known point. This is metaphor for how I made the gun’s mechanical performance intersect my vision/idea of what I thought it should be. “Solutions” is simply because my business began as a result of my ability to find solutions for my and other shooters’ needs.

The wild boar is also an archetypal symbol, immortalized in many cultures throughout history for its warrior courage. The wild boar tends to be peaceful when left alone, but is fierce and fearless when cornered or threatened. The image of the boar in our logo is meant to convey an attitude of poised readiness, but not menace. I feel that this way of viewing the world (through the eye of the boar) is a common ethos shared by the soldier, the police officer, and the vigilant armed citizen.