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OUR CURRENT IN-CART PRICING & FREE SHIPPING DEALS:  — FREE SHIPPING on all FIREARMS & NFA ITEMS…or FREE TRANSFER/LOCAL PICKUP at our shop.   — FREE SHIPPING on orders $400+  (except ammo, because it’s heavy).  — FREE SHIPPING on our ADVANTAGE precision pistol barrels. —– SPECIAL IN-CART PRICING of 5-10% OFF and FREE SHIPPING on select HOLOSUN, AIMPOINT, and SUREFIRE products. — OUR CURRENT SHIP TIMES FOR MOST ORDERS PLACED DURING BUSINES HOURS: SAME DAY, and SOMETIMES EVEN WITHIN MINUTES!  THANK YOU for making us your trusted source for custom duty/carry guns and quality gear for 21 years.  BUILT FOR THE FIGHT, SINCE 2002.  


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