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We put this one first because unfortunately it’s kind of a big deal, and we want to make sure there are no misunderstandings or hard feelings right from the get-go.

As part of our commitment to providing all our clients with the highest quality craftsmanship, critical focus on each project, and completion within the estimated timeframe, we do our best to eliminate unnecessary interruptions to our work schedule. (This is also why shop visits are by appointment only…so we don’t get pulled away from your projects all the time.) We respectfully ask your assistance and cooperation in helping us stay on track…when you place your order, please mark the approximate completion date on your calendar, and DO NOT contact us for status updates until we’ve reached or passed that date. If that date arrives and you haven’t heard from us yet, feel free to inquire and we will be happy to check on your project for you.

Also understand that our turnaround time estimates are just that: estimates. Sometimes projects actually get done sooner, and sometimes they take longer than we anticipate due to unexpected delays/circumstances. It’s the nature of anything custom. If you’re the kind of person who can’t handle some delay graciously, it would be best for both sides if you do not order from us.

All of our work, whether it’s on plastic or metal, is done by skilled and dedicated fulltime craftsmen and women. That being said: because of the extensive nature and the manual aspect of many of the modifications we offer, there can be irregularities in grip edge lines, texture pattern, tool/machine marks, finished appearance, etc. SOME PLASTICS DISCOLOR DUE TO THE HEAT TEXTURE PROCESS. THIS IS MOST COMMON WITH FRAMES THAT ARE COLORS OTHER THAN BLACK. HOWEVER, IT CAN ALSO HAPPEN OCCASIONALLY WITH BLACK FRAMES, USUALLY H&K PISTOLS, WHERE THE INSERT PIECES OR RANDOM AREAS OF THE FRAME END UP GRAYISH. THE PLASTIC CAN ALSO END UP WITH SLIGHT SURFACE VARIATIONS IN OUR LEVEL 2 GLOCK REDUCTIONS…THIS IS ALSO MOST NOTICEABLE WITH NON-BLACK FRAMES. These cosmetic irregularities do not compromise function.

We are proud that our grip work is not done with lasers, rather it’s done by-hand, freehand, by a skilled human being, without the use of jigs or templates. We aren’t against laser-stippling, we just believe that performance is paramount, and laser stippling simply doesn’t yield a texture that’s rugged and effective enough to deliver the proven benefits of traditional deep, hand-embossed texturing. Not to mention that unless there is actually ergonomic sculpting done to the frame before it’s laser-stippled, then the whole point of a custom grip package is missed, and it’s just a pretty pattern on the plastic.

Also be aware that sometimes having your slide worked and refinished can bring out features of the metal which weren’t apparent before. All of our slides get black-nitrided after being milled, and black nitride is a treatment to the metal itself and not a coating over the metal, so it hides nothing. Examples of things which may become visible post-treatment are tool marks, pitting, and blemishes / discoloration / inclusions / rust spots that were hidden by the previous finish, and which appear when the previous finish is stripped and the slide is retreated.

We presume it’s simply due to minor irregularities in the steel composition from when the slide was cast or forged, and neither Boresight Solutions nor the refinishing shops we use are at fault or liable for it. Should this occur on a slide we worked on and you wish to remedy it, the best option we know of is to have the slide Cerakoted, which puts a durable coating OVER the metal, which we can do for you at your expense.

Regarding why the appearance of our work may vary from what you’ve seen before or were expecting based on a previous projects or photos you’ve seen online: First, our methods are continuously evolving. Second, as mentioned above, when it comes to grip work, each one is done by hand, freehand, by one of our team, and will reflect the nuances of their touch. So no two projects will be identical. We also sometimes have to adapt our packages/options based on structural/mechanical or even aesthetic limitations of the specific platform we are working on. When we make these changes, they are done out of necessity and with your best interest in mind. We do our best to notify clients of any changes, but due to our volume of work and time restrictions, we are not always able to do so and must make decisions on the fly. As such, we reserve the right to change or modify project details in order to ensure the best result on your project and also so as to not delay other projects, without notice.

The exception to this is that if any such necessary changes will result in additional cost, we will always notify you and get your permission first. But if these changes result in less work being done than originally requested, you might not be notified, and the final cost of the project will reflect a deduction or credit for any items eliminated / work not performed.

We have a package for pretty much every polymer frame handgun.

Our Signature Series covers all GLOCK models/generations, and all S&W M&Ps and Shields. Occasionally Ben will take in something else for a Signature project, by request. Our Duty Series covers all GLOCK models/generations, all S&W M&P and Shields, CZ P07, 09, and 10-series, Walther PPQs, and all Sig Sauer P320 variants including the X-Series. Our Competition Series covers all of the previously mentioned makes/models covered by the previous 2 Series, plus nearly every other factory polymer frame handgun, including H&K , Springfield Armory, and Beretta polymer frame models. We currently do not accept 80%- type frames in any of our custom series.

Turnaround time for each Series varies throughout the year based on our workflow, and also if you’re getting just frame work or a complete frame and slide package. Competition and Duty frame work is generally around 12 weeks. Signature Series frame work is usually around 5-6 months (check with Ben prior to placing a Signature order, as he now only takes in X number of Signature projects in order to keep turnaround times reasonable).  Slide packages tend to take around 3 months. Please contact us for current turnaround time estimate prior to placing your order.

Yes, we will need it the entire time. Turnaround time starts when we receive your project. We don’t have a wait list or assign numbers. Custom projects are done in small groups, and cycled through in stages, which allows us to make steady progress on everyone’s project. Please bear in mind that turnaround time is an estimate only. Sometimes we are done sooner, sometimes things take longer. As such, please ensure that you have nothing scheduled (such as department qualifications, training courses, deployments, or industry events) during or shortly after the timeframe we give you.

Yes, but only on frame work, and availability of expedited service is dependent on our current workload. Expedited projects are done on weekends or overtime so it doesn’t interfere with our regular work or unfairly result in other customers’ projects being pushed back. Expedited service cost is list price for the project plus 100% and gets your frame done in 3 weeks or less. Expediting fees do not apply to hardware components purchased as part of the package, such as sights, extended slide stops, etc.

If stippling/traction on the grip is your main goal, you’d need to go with our Competition Series package.

Yes, we are happy to receive a firearm purchased elsewhere along with your order for custom work, so long as it is a firearm we are currently offering customization services for. Upon completion, we can transfer it to you in our store front (FL residents only/ discounted transfer fee applies) or ship it to an FFL of your choosing for transfer.

Yes. Title 1 transfers are $50 (discounted to $25 for pistols sent to us for custom work; grip package at minimum is required). NFA / Title 2 transfer fee is $100 per NFA item ($75 per each additional NFA item submitted at the SAME time/session). We do not charge a transfer fee on firearms or NFA items purchased from us. Customer is responsible for $200 NFA excise tax payable to government.

Yes. If you’re in CA and want custom work done, you can send your gun to us and when it’s done we send it straight back to you. If you’re in CA and want to buy a new gun from us that’s on the CA approved list from us, you can do that too. We are registered with CA DOJ and will secure approval documentation and include it with the shipment. This only applies to firearms that were purchased from us. If you purchase a new firearm from another retailer and have it routed through us with CA being the final destination, we charge a $25 administrative fee. CA DOJ approval is not required for firearms that were sent to us from an individual or FFL in CA, and which are being returned to the same individual or FFL who sent them.

Yes, but you must make an appointment. This is to ensure that our progress and focus on other customers’ guns is interrupted as little as possible, and also because we want to be able to spend as much time as you need discussing your project.

No. We only accept pistols with no permanent modifications to the relevant components for custom work. Example: if you want grip work, the frame must not have any previous stippling or material removal of any kind. If you want slide work, the slide must not have any aftermarket milling. HOWEVER, Glock has an awesome no questions asked warranty exchange program. And we can help you easily get a new frame under that program, and do one of our custom packages on the new frame. No other manufacturer offers a similar program, so if you have a messed up S&W for example, you’re probably out of luck.

Absolutely not! Out of respect for our fellow craftsmen who–like us–have worked hard to establish a unique and recognizable trademark style, we refuse to copy anyone else’s work. Aside from trying to haggle on the price of custom work, asking a shop to rip off another shop’s trademark work is about the most disrespectful thing a customer can do…

Yes, we now offer frame coating services, for those who like the 2-tone look. Common camo patterns are available by request. We do not offer custom/one-off graphics designs. We previously did not offer frame coating as an option, because in our experience, coatings on frames tend to not hold up well against the hard use that most of our clients subject their guns to. But so many people asked for it, and we honestly think it looks really nice, so we now offer it. If your frame is already coated, we can do one of our grip packages on it, but there will be an additional fee due to the extra work we have to do to work with/around the coating and preserve it in the areas that aren’t getting modified. Note: by ordering a custom package with coated frame as an option, you are acknowledging that it’s an aesthetic upgrade, and have been made aware that the finish may not hold up well if you use the gun hard, and we will not be responsible for wear and tear.

Usually, yes. Check our webstore for finished customs currently available.  We always have a good variety of pistols in both our Duty and Signature work queue that have some work already done and which can be finished your way, saving you time vs starting from scratch.


We offer 10% off our Duty Series line to active duty LE, MIL, and Fire/Rescue. We also offer a 10% discount off our Duty Series to students who’ve trained with the excellent professional instructors we are affiliated with. See our Discounts page for more info. There are no discounts on Signature Series or Competition Series. We do not offer industry/pro discounts, and we do not send custom guns out for T&E or Review. Our guns have been getting put to the test and trusted 24/7 by our clients all over the country since 2002, and that’s the only “review” that matters to us.

We do not have a written warranty, as that opens us up to all sorts of legal interpretation. We are also kind of old fashioned, in that we believe that a company should do the right thing without having to spell it out. Simply put: we stand behind our work, and we take care of the good folks who keep us in business. This is the case even if you bought the gun used. However, if the gun is worked on/modified by you or someone else after it leaves our shop, or if you install certain aftermarket parts not recommended by us (there’s a lot of hyped-up garbage on the market that can make the gun unreliable and even worse, unsafe), we no longer consider it “ours”. This situation can easily be avoided by checking with us about any upgrades you’re considering. The advice is free, and it can save you money and save you AND us from the headaches of dealing with reliability issue brought on by junk parts.

If you have one of our older guns and the grip texture is worn out, we will retexture it at no charge as long as we feel it’s safe to do. This applies even if you bought the gun used from someone else. As long as we can confirm it’s one of ours, and as long as the frame has not been modified/textured by someone else after it left our shop. You just pay shipping to/from us. This service is not available on the rubberized grips we used to offer many years ago.

We request that any custom order change requests be made as soon as possible after we start on your project, as the closer it is to completion, the less possibility there is for us to change anything. Work normally begins on a project within a week of it arriving at our shop. We also ask that you keep change requests to an absolute minimum, as it become confusing on our end and may result in mistakes, and also delays if we have to keep revisiting and changing the configuration of your project. We are happy to spend as much time as necessary with you up front going over all the details in order to reduce the need for changes later.

Regarding cancellations/refunds for web-store orders of general merchandise or customs that are finished and ready to ship: To offset the time/admin costs that result from order  cancellation/refund requests, there will be a 10% cancellation fee (based on full order total) deducted from the refund for processed web store orders that are cancelled at the buyer’s request.

Cancellations: If work has begun on a project that you sent to us for work, we will not cancel it, as we are not going to send your gun back in the raw/unfinished due to liability. If you run into financial difficulty and are concerned you can’t pay the balance when it’s done, let us know and we can stop working on it and resume at a later date when you’re ready. We can also work out a payment plan with you. Just don’t leave us hanging, as we have bills to pay too.

Refunds: Refunds for custom projects can only be issued If work has not begun (either you haven’t sent it to us, or we haven’t started it, or it’s a new one you ordered from our inventory). There will be a 10% cancellation fee deducted from the refund, and we will also deduct return shipping costs if return shipping is required. Refunds are made by company check only, and we cut checks bi-weekly. If you prefer to not receive a refund and would rather transfer the funds toward another project or to use the funds in full to purchase items from our inventory, there will be no cancellation fee deducted.

If you’re shipping a complete pistol or serialized pistol frame (lower) to us , it must be sent via UPS or Fedex. Their rules require overnight. Pistols and serialized pistol frames can ONLY be sent via US Postal Service if they are sent between FFLs. Slides and non-serialized lowers (example: P320 grip module without serialized fire control group) can go USPS.

When shipping your project to us, we prefer that you do not send it in the factory box inside another box. Just wrap the project securely in packing material and put it in a sturdy cardboard box. DO NOT send your project to us in a soft shipping pouch/envelope. They offer no protection, and also allow the distinct gun shape to show. If your project is sent in this proscribed and irresponsible manner and damage or loss occurs, we will NOT assist with resolution/insurance claims with the shipper in any way. If you are not getting slide work or a fitted trigger package, we only need the frame, not the complete gun. We do not need any magazines unless your project requires them. Do not send any parts or accessories unless they are relevant to the project, AND if you send parts and accessories, they MUST be tagged or somehow marked with your last name and your order number. We will not be responsible for any parts/accessories that are not marked. If you are not familiar with shipping a firearm, or anticipate problems at your local shipping center, we offer prepaid round trip shipping, which allows you to simply print a label, put it on the box, and drop it off without waiting in line to buy your own label. Contact us for this option.