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We try to ship same day or next business day latest when a website retail order is received.   So unless our website banner says we are closed/not shipping, or you ordered right before/during a major holiday, your order should ship promptly.  But sometimes we get behind, or orders get caught in our anti-fraud measures.  If after 48 hours of placing your order you have not received a shipment notification from us,  please EMAIL us and provide your name and order number.   DO NOT CALL OR TEXT TO CHECK ORDER STATUS 


You are welcome to check the status of your custom shop order at the end of the turnaround estimate.  For example, if the turnaround estimate at the time you placed your order was 12 weeks, you are welcome to contact us by EMAIL at the 12 week mark to check status.   DO NOT CALL OR TEXT to check the status of your custom order, and DO NOT check the status of your project earlier than the estimated completion date.   

No. Primarily for liability reasons, and also because often mods that are poorly done by someone else cannot be hidden or undone, which makes for a substandard end result.   And do you really want to trust your life to a “fixed” gun?  As such, we will only accept projects with no permanent modifications to the relevant components for custom work. Example: if you want grip work, the frame must not have any previous stippling or material removal of any kind. We do accept frames that have been Cerakoted but which don’t have any other permanent modifications, BUT an additional labor charge  of $100 minimum applies due to the added time and care that most be taken to do our custom work on coated frames. If you want slide work, the slide must not have any aftermarket milling.  

Orders from the RETAIL SHOP (except NFA items) or FINISHED CUSTOMS section may be cancelled before they ship. There will be a 5% cancellation fee deducted from your refund to cover payment processing fees and other expenses we incur per transaction, which we don’t get back when an order is cancelled.     NOTE: Orders which are on hold in our system due to mismatched billing/shipping info, and/or which have been flagged as “suspicious”, and the order is canceled either by us or by our payment processor because customer fails to provide the order verification we require within 24 hours (see below in  FAQ for  info on our order verification policy) are deemed “canceled by customer request”  and the same 5% order cancellation fee applies.  


You can remove items from an order that has not yet shipped.  Our standard 5% cancellation fee per item will be deducted from the refund.  If  the original order qualified for free shipping, and the new order total after items have been removed is below our free shipping threshold, shipping costs based on the new order total will also be deducted from your refund.   

NOTE: if you live in a ban state and you purchase firearms or magazines from us that are prohibited to own where you live, OR if you order a firearm/NFA item and do not arrange for a gun shop/FFL in your are  to receive it for you for transfer, your order will be cancelled and a 10% admin fee will be deducted from your refund.  It’s the customer’s responsibility to know the law where they live.  


Returns for refund or exchange will only be accepted within 10 days of the purchase date (if your order was shipped, then 10 days from when tracking shows it was delivered), and ONLY if the item is still in new condition, and in the original packaging with all items/documentation it came with.  There is a 20% restocking fee on returned items.   If an item has been used/installed or if anything is missing or damaged (including the factory packaging), it is not eligible for return.   Customer is responsible for shipping costs when returning items,  and returns MUST be sent via a trackable service with delivery confirmation.  If an item is sent back without tracking and delivery confirmation, and it goes missing, we are not responsible and will not issue a refund or credit.   If you ordered something and decide you don’t want it while it’s still in transit to you, you must receive it and then re-ship it back to us via a trackable service and delivery confirmation.  If an item is refused at delivery (or marked return to sender)  and it goes missing, we are not responsible for the loss, and no refund or credit will be issued.    Returned items must be sent back with a copy of your original order, or the packing slip, or a note with your name contact info and your order number so that we can quickly ID who it came from.    If you think your item is defective, see below regarding defective items.   

THE FOLLOWING ITEMS ARE NOT RETURNABLE for REFUND or EXCHANGE: batteries, any product that includes batteries (e.g. lights, optics, laser boresighting devices, etc) pepper spray, taser/shock devices, firearms/receivers that you have taken possession of via 4473 transfer, anything purchased from our Finished Customs section, NFA Items that have left our shop on a form 3 or form 4,  ammunition, *any product made by C&H Precision Weapon Systems (CHPWS).   Once your return has been received,  inspected, and found to  meet our return standards, we will issue your refund minus the 20% restocking fee.  


Due to a number of unscrupulous individuals who returned CHPWS optic mounting kits that were obviously damaged due to improper installation,  or returned kits from which they’d scavenged spare parts which the Mfg doesn’t sell separately (ex. screws and T-Nuts), or even sending us back a worn-out gen 1 type kit in place of the current gen kit we sent (we only stock current gen),  we no longer accept C&H Precision Weapon Systems / CHPWS products back for refund/exchange for any reason.   NO EXCEPTIONS.   Note: If you receive a CHPWS product that is missing parts or which you think is defective,  you must contact CHPWS to arrange warranty exchange/replacement.

NOTE: IF you’d like to exchange an eligible for item(s) of EQUAL or GREATER value, we will waive the 20% restocking fee. You will just be responsible for the price difference between the new item(s) and shipping for the new item.  If you received free shipping on the original order, you are not eligible for free shipping on the exchange order.   

If an item is sent back and does not meet our return standards,  no refund or credit will be issued, and the item will be disposed of unless you pay for shipping again to have YOUR item sent back to you.  We are a small company and we inspect every return closely, and most returns that meet our standards still end up being used here at the shop for demo/display purposes anyway rather than being resold, or are resold cheaper as “open box,”  so please don’t try to send back something that doesn’t meet our standards in hopes that we won’t notice. 


We’ll take care of it.  We will send you a prepaid shipping label to return the incorrect item to us, and we will also cover shipping costs to send the correct item to you. We do not charge a cancellation/restocking fee if we have to cancel the order because we sent you the incorrect item and we don’t have the correct one to replace it with, and you don’t want to wait until we have it in stock again. 


 Most manufacturers require that resolution of defective new products be handled directly with them under warranty once the product is in the customer’s possession.   We are not a warranty service provider or spare parts source for any of the manufacturers whose products we sell, and in some cases our dealer agreement expressly prohibits us from exchanging or repairing defective items, so as to allow the manufacturer to retain sole control of taking defective items out of circulation.  

However, we may be able to assist in some cases.  If you think an item you received from us is defective, bring it to our attention within 10 days of purchase (or if shipped, within 10 days of delivery), and we will determine at our sole discretion if we’ll accept the item back for exchange or repair.  (Defective C&H Precision Weapon Systems / CHPWS products must be resolved with CHPWS, no exceptions.)  

If we agree to accept a new/under warranty defective item back for repair or exchange,  the customer is responsible for all associated shipping costs.   The customer is also responsible for the cost of repair (if applicable).   Defective items are not returnable for refund, only exchange/repair at our sole discretion.  

NOTE: We are are not a warranty service provider for any of the manufacturers whose products we sell, therefore having us fix your item will likely void the factory warranty.    So if keeping your factory warranty intact is important, or if you don’t want to pay for repairs, you must resolve it with the manufacturer under warranty.  


See our section regarding refunds/replacements for delayed/lost packages near the bottom of the FAQ.  No  replacement item will be provided / no refund will be issued for delayed/lost items if the customer does not file a trace request with the carrier and provide us with the case # / documentation.  


-If no transfer paperwork has been prepared, we will cancel the order and issue a refund minus the standard 5% cancellation fee.

-If transfer paperwork has been prepared but NOT submitted to the ATF, the order can be canceled and refunded minus $100.

-If the form 3 or 4 has been prepared AND submitted to the ATF, the order cannot be canceled, even if approval is still pending.


Custom shop orders can only be cancelled if work has not yet begun…and that usually occurs within a week or so of order being placed or received at the shop. If work has not been started, there will be a 5% cancellation fee if the project is on a base gun provided by us, or a $150 cancellation fee plus return shipping (if applicable) if the base gun was provided the customer. 

If work has begun, it will be completed…we will not send back a gun in the raw/unfinished due to liability.  However, we may be able to make changes to the order to reduce the cost for you.  If there is a refund due as result of this, the refund will be minus 5% of the amount paid for the deleted services/products.   

If you experience financial hardship while your project is here, let us know so we can work with you.  We can usually halt/slow progress to forestall when you have to pay the balance. We can also work out a payment plan with you.  Just don’t leave us hanging, as we have bills to pay too.

For changes to custom orders that are in progress: we require that any order change requests be made in writing as early as possible in the process, as the closer it is to completion, the less possibility there is for us to change anything. We also ask that you keep change requests to a minimum, as having to revisit a project once it’s in our queue to keep updating the work order is disruptive to progress on everyone’s build. Changes to a custom order can also increase the turnaround estimate from what you were originally quoted.


If you fail a background check, we are legally prohibited from transferring the firearm to you. If your background check is DECISION PENDING, we cannot transfer the firearm to you until we receive an approval. That process can take months sometimes. If you fail the background check, OR if you decide to cancel your purchase because the background check process is delayed or in “DECISION PENDING” status and you don’t want to wait for the process to run it’s course, your refund will be minus our 5% order cancellation fee AND a  $75 admin fee. If the firearm was purchased from us, the fee will be deducted from your refund. If you purchased it elsewhere and are transferring it through us, the $75 fee must be paid to us before we send the firearm back to where you got it, AND you are responsible for return shipping costs. 


If a situation occurs that’s not addressed by one of the above policies, it will be handled on an individual basis. We reserve the right to change our policies without notice.   Due  your 

We are proud that our grip work is one by-hand, freehand, by a skilled human being, without the use of jigs or templates.  While laser stippling is great for custom designs,  here at Boresight Solutions, hard-use performance is paramount, and laser stippling simply doesn’t yield a texture that’s rugged and effective enough to deliver the proven benefits of traditional deep, hand-embossed texturing.  Not to mention that unless there is actually ergonomic sculpting done to the frame before it’s laser-stippled, then the effect is mostly just cosmetic.


We have a package for pretty much every polymer frame handgun.

Our Signature Series covers all GLOCK models/generations. Occasionally Ben will take in something else for a Signature project, by request. Our Duty Series covers all GLOCK models/generations, all S&W M&P and Shields, CZ P07, 09, and 10-series, Walther PPQs, and all Sig Sauer P320 variants including the X-Series. Our Competition Series covers all of the previously mentioned makes/models covered by the previous 2 Series, plus nearly every other factory polymer frame handgun, including H&K , Springfield Armory, and Beretta polymer frame models.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT POLYMER 80 GUNS/FRAMES, NOR DO WE ACCEPT ANY “80%” TYPE LOWER RECEIVER.

Turnaround time varies based the Series and what type of project.    Please contact us prior to placing your order to obtain a turnaround estimate.   

Yes, we need your firearm here for the entire time.  We don’t run wait lists or assign numbers to send custom projects in a later date.  Custom projects are done in groups, and cycled through in stages, which allows us to make steady progress on everyone’s build.   Turnaround time is also an estimate only.  Sometimes we are done sooner, sometimes projects take longer. As such, please ensure that you have nothing scheduled (such as department qualifications, training courses, deployments, or industry events) in/around the timeframe we give you.  We will not rush to finish a project early just because something came up after work has begun.  

Yes, but expedited service is limited due to our workload and not always available.  Expedited projects are also done on weekends or overtime so as to not interfere with our regular work or unfairly delay other customers’ projects . Expedited service cost is list price for the project plus 100% and gets your frame or slide (depending on slide work and finish options) done in 2 weeks or less.  Expediting fees do not apply to hardware components purchased as part of the package, such as sights, extended slide stops, etc, only to labor.  

Yes, we are happy to receive a firearm purchased elsewhere along with your order for custom work, so long as it is a firearm we are currently offering customization services for. Upon completion, we can transfer it to you in our store front (FL residents only/ discounted transfer fee applies) or ship it to an FFL of your choosing for transfer.

Yes. However, due the amount of time that transfers take us away from our work in the custom shop, we have to charge enough to make it worth our while to do so.  Title 1 transfers are $85 for a single firearm (discounted to $50 for pistols sent to us for custom work; grip package at minimum is required to be considered custom).  If multiple title 1 items are transferred at the same time, It’s $85 for the first item and $25 for the subsequent items.   NFA / Title 2 transfer fee is $150 per NFA item ($100 per each additional NFA item submitted at the SAME time/session).   THE ABOVE TERMS APPLY ONLY TO ITEMS PURCHASED ELSEWHERE AND SEND TO US FOR TRANSFER.  We do not charge a transfer fee on firearms or NFA items purchased from us.  Customer is responsible for $200 NFA excise tax payable to government.

Yes. If you’re in CA and want custom work done, you can send your gun to us and when it’s done we send it straight back to you. If you’re in CA and want to buy a new gun from us that’s on the CA approved list from us, you can do that too. We are registered with CA DOJ and will secure approval documentation and include it with the shipment. This only applies to firearms that were purchased from us. If you purchase a new firearm from another retailer and have it routed through us with CA being the final destination, we charge a $25 administrative fee. CA DOJ approval is not required for firearms that were sent to us from an individual or FFL in CA, and which are being returned to the same individual or FFL who sent them.

Yes, but you must make an appointment. This is to ensure that our progress and focus on other customers’ guns is interrupted as little as possible, and also because we want to be able to spend as much time as you need discussing your project.

Absolutely not! Out of respect for our fellow craftsmen who–like us–have worked hard to establish a unique and recognizable trademark style, we refuse to copy anyone else’s work. Aside from trying to haggle on the price of custom work, asking a shop to rip off another shop’s trademark work is about the most disrespectful thing a customer can do…

Yes, we offer frame coating services, ONLY available as part of a custom package of Duty or Signature Series grip work. Cerakote is not available as a standalone option, without getting a Duty or Signature Series package.   Most popular is the  2-tone frame look, but we also offer common camo patterns are also available. We do not offer custom/one-off graphics or designs. We previously did not offer frame coating as an option, because in our experience, coatings on frames tend to not hold up well against the hard use that most of our clients subject their guns to. But so many people asked for it, and we honestly think it looks really nice, so we now offer it. If your frame is already coated, we can do one of our grip packages on it, but there will be an additional fee due to the extra work we have to do to work with/around the coating and preserve it in the areas that aren’t getting modified. Note: by ordering a custom package with coated frame as an option, you are acknowledging that it’s an aesthetic upgrade, and have been made aware that the finish may not hold up well if you use the gun hard, and we will not be responsible for wear and tear.

We often do.  Check our webstore on the retail side, under “Finished Customs Ready to Ship.”  We also usually have a variety of new inventory guns and frames in our custom work queue, which if pre-purchased, can be finished your way.  This usually saves you time vs. starting a new project from scratch.  


We offer 10% off our Duty Series line to active duty LE, MIL, and Fire/Rescue. We also offer a 10% discount off our Duty Series to students who’ve trained with the excellent professional instructors we are affiliated with. See our Discounts page for more info. There are no discounts on Signature Series or Competition Series. We do not offer industry/pro discounts, and we do not send custom guns out for T&E or Review. Our guns have been getting put to the test and trusted 24/7 by our clients all over the country since 2002, and that’s the only “review” that matters to us.

We do not have a written warranty.  Rather, we believe in doing the right thing and standing behind our work as each situation requires.   However, if the gun has been worked on/modified by anyone else after it leaves our shop, or if certain aftermarket parts not recommended by us have been installed, it is no longer our responsibility.          

Retexture: If you have one of our custom guns and the grip texture is worn out, we will retexture it one time at no charge as long as we feel it’s safe to do. This applies even if you bought the gun used from someone else. As long as we can confirm it’s one of ours, and as long as the frame has not already been retextured, or has been modified by someone else after it left our shop. You just pay shipping to/from us. This service is not available on the rubberized grips we used to offer many years ago.

If you’re shipping a complete pistol or serialized pistol frame (lower) to us, it must be sent via UPS or Fedex. Their rules require overnight. Pistols and serialized pistol frames can ONLY be sent via US Postal Service if they are sent between FFLs. Slides and non-serialized lowers (example: P320 grip module without serialized fire control group) can go USPS.

When shipping your project to us, we prefer that you do not send it in the factory box inside another box. Just wrap the project securely in packing material and put it in a sturdy cardboard box. DO NOT send your project to us in a soft shipping pouch/envelope. They offer no protection, and also allow the distinct gun shape to show. If your project is sent in this proscribed and irresponsible manner and damage or loss occurs, we will NOT assist with resolution/insurance claims with the shipper in any way. If you are not getting slide work or a fitted trigger package, we only need the frame, not the complete gun. We do not need any magazines unless your project requires them. Do not send any parts or accessories unless they are relevant to the project, AND if you send parts and accessories, they MUST be tagged or somehow marked with your last name and your order number. We will not be responsible for any parts/accessories that are not marked. If you are not familiar with shipping a firearm, or anticipate problems at your local shipping center, we offer prepaid round trip shipping, which allows you to simply print a label, put it on the box, and drop it off without waiting in line to buy your own label. Contact us for this option.

It happens.  More now than in previous years, unfortunately.   But rest assured that we will do our best to take care of you, even if the carrier hangs you out to dry, so long as you assist us by taking these steps: 

1). Understand that the package being delayed or missing is the carrier’s fault, not ours. *This applies only to unreasonable and demanding people…if that’s not you, then skip to step 2* 

2) Make sure that the shipping address you provided when you placed your order is correct.  

3)  Contact the carrier (UPS, FedEx, USPS) and file a missing item report/trace request…DO NOT FILE AN INSURANCE CLAIM (we generally use a 3rd party shipping insurance, not the worthless insurance offered by the carrier), FILE A REQUEST THAT THE CARRIER LOCATE/TRACE THE PACKAGE.  

4) Email us the documentation / case # of the trace request.  Include your order number from the order you placed with us so we can match it up on our end.   Once you provide us with the report/trace info, we will file a trace request on our end as well, so that pressure is put on the carrier from both sides to find it.  Be aware that if the package tracking shows that it’s still in transit but delayed, the carriers generally don’t consider it officially “lost” until 30 days have gone by.  We won’t wait that long though…if the carrier does not locate it, or we (Boresight) feel like they are taking too long, we will work it out with you as to how you’d like it resolved, as long as you’ve filed a trace request and provided us with that info.  If after you opt to cancel the order and get a refund, the refund will be minus our standard 5% order cancellation fee.  If the case/trace info is not provided to us, we will not be able to assist you in resolving the matter.  Further, if the package is officially determined lost, we will not provide a replacement or issue a refund unless we’ve received a case #/trace request confirmation, because without that info our shipping insurer won’t process our claim.  If the package is lost because we were given an incorrect shipping address, we will not issue a refund or send a replacement.   

Due to the amount of fraudulent order attempts we get, we have our webstore security thresholds set very high.    While most fraudulent orders are blocked by our security programs, some do make it through.   We have to be very vigilant about identifying them, because as a small business, we cannot afford the loss.  Unfortunately, we learned these lessons the hard/expensive way, and our heightened security measures reflect that.  

 However, the downside of having such high security measures is that sometimes legitimate orders get flagged as “suspicious” by our system and put on hold pending further verification.    This is usually due to a combo of mismatched or incorrect billing/shipping, IP address location discrepancies, misspelled customer info, using a throwaway email address or a throwaway VOIP phone number instead of a verified cell or landline,  etc. 

If your order has mismatched billing/shipping addresses, or is flagged as suspicious by our system, we reserve the right to request whatever additional verification we deem necessary to ensure that your order is legitimate.  Most commonly we will photos of the credit card you used to place the order to ensure you physically have the card in your possession, and/or request photos of your drivers license to match the name and address to what was submitted with the order. But we may require other verification .  Anything you provide will be deleted/purged from our system once your order has been verified as legitimate.   By placing an order on our website, you are agreeing to promptly provide us with any  additional  ID verification we request so that we can approve your order.  Failure or refusal to provide this information will result in your order being canceled and your payment refunded minus our standard order cancellation fee (as explained above in our order cancellation policy).   THIS VERIFICATION MUST BE PROVIDED TO US WITHIN 24 HOURS OF OUR REQUEST, OR YOUR ORDER WILL BE CANCELLED EITHER BY US OR AUTOMATICALLY BY OUR SYSTEM, AND WILL BE DEEMED “CANCELED BY CUSTOMER REQUEST”.   

No.   Due to ITAR restrictions and/or complications we’ve had in the past with packages navigating customs, we do not ship anything outside the USA.  Our ordering system will also reject orders where the billing/shipping address or even the customer’s IP address location is outside the USA

Our work evolves over time in pursuit of improved performance, durability, and aesthetics.  As such, the work we finish today may not match the stock photos we use on our site, or those which we post on social media.  We try to keep our site imagery current, but sometimes we miss updating our content.  If you’d like to confirm what our current work looks like, you’re welcome to send us a photo of what you’re interested in and we’ll be happy to confirm if it represents our current level of craftsmanship.  We also reserve the right to change or adapt our designs at our sole discretion and without notice, including on projects that are currently in our work queue.  

NOTE: Some polymer frames will discolor due to the high heat involved with our hand-embossed grip texture.  While this is most prevalent on non-black frames (OD Green, FDE, Gray, etc), it can also manifest in black frames, most notably those from H&K, such as the VP9. The discoloration can darken or lighten certain areas.  This is purely cosmetic and does not compromise function of the firearm.  We will not be responsible nor will we offer any consideration (price discount, rework, coating, etc)  should it occur.  


We do our best to abide by the laws that are in place outside of Florida.  However, due to how rapidly such things change, we may not know the exact current details of such laws. Therefore it is the customer’s responsibility to know the laws where they live, and NOT  purchase things from us that are prohibited there.  The following list is the restrictions currently known to BORESIGHT SOLUTIONS. This list is not guaranteed to be 100% accurate, nor is it to be used as a reference…it is simply the laws that BORESIGHT SOLUTIONS is currently aware of.   If there are any mistakes or omissions, please send an email to and include a link to an official/govt website or a screen shot of the same, which outlines the law.  We will not ship any magazine or ammunition feed device that holds more than the restricted number of rounds to these states. We reserve the right to not ship an order because of any restriction that we become aware of but which is not listed here. Any order placed containing restricted product will be subject to refund minus 10%  order cancellation fee if proof of eligibility (FFL, LE ID) is not provided to us promptly after the order is placed.


  • California: No magazines over 10-rounds.
  • Colorado: No magazines over 15-rounds.
  • Connecticut: No magazines over 10-rounds.
  • Delaware: No magazines over 17-rounds.
  • District of Columbia: No magazines over 10-rounds.
  • Hawaii: No magazines over 10-rounds.
  • Maryland: No magazines over 10-rounds.
  • Massachusetts: No magazines over 10-rounds.
  • New Jersey: No magazines over 10-rounds.
  • New York: No magazines over 10-rounds.
  • Rhode Island: No magazines over 10-rounds.
  • Vermont: No rifle magazines over 10-rounds, no pistol magazines over 15-rounds.
  • Washington: We have seen conflicting reports on the status of WA’s mag capacity limit law because of lawsuits which have been filed against it.  It is the WA customer’s responsibility to know the current law(s) in effect in their state.  
  • Military APO: We can not ship to APO/FPO addresses. We can ship to a stateside military base or home address that is not an APO address.


    It is the buyer’s responsibility to know their local laws prior to ordering ammunition. Buyers must be a minimum of 21 years old to purchase centerfire or rimfire ammunition.  

    We do not ship ammunition to addresses in:

    New Jersey
    New York
    Puerto Rico
    Washington DC

  • IF YOU ARE LE or HAVE A BUSINESS FFL (no C&R) and would like to purchase magazines that are restricted in your area: 

    1. Place your order through our website and indicate in your order notes that you are with law enforcement or have a FFL.
    2. Send a photocopy or photo of your LE ID, or our FFL to us via email, and be sure to reference your order number.  Send the email to
    3. We will notify you once satisfactory proof of eligibility is received, and will ship your order.