A. We are proud that all of our work is done by skilled craftsmen, and our grip work is done by hand, freehand, without the use of jigs or templates. However, although we take great care and pride in our craftsmanship, there can still be irregularities in grip lines, texture consistency, etc. We are human, and these cosmetic irregularities do not compromise function. Small tool/machine marks in the metal are a byproduct of the modification process, both from the factory and from aftermarket modification, and while we make every effort to reduce/eliminate them in our work, sometimes they remain. If your purpose for custom work is more for aesthetics than hard-use functionality, we recommend you consider custom shops who use lasers to pattern/texture frames, rather than craftsmen. We also sometimes have to adapt our packages/options based on structural/mechanical limitations of the platform we are working on. Examples of this would be modifying the features of a slide package due to irregular relief cuts from the factory, or dimensions specific to a certain make/model that are not ideal for certain modifications. When we make these changes, they are done out of necessity and with your best interest in mind. We do our best to notify clients of any changes, but due to our volume of work and time restrictions, we are not always able to do so. As such, we reserve the right to change or modify project details without notice. Note: if any necessary changes will result in additional cost to you, we will always notify you and get your permission. But if these changes result in less work being done than originally requested, you might not be notified, but the cost of the project will reflect a deduction or credit for any work not performed.

A. Please DO NOT ask for any status updates until the end of the estimated turnaround time. As part of our commitment to providing every one of our clients with the highest quality craftsmanship, critical focus on projects, and completion within the estimated timeframe, we do our best to eliminate unnecessary interruptions and delays. If it looks like a project is going to overrun our estimate, we’ll do our best to let you know…if you don’t hear from us, then your project is probably on track.

A. Our Signature Series covers all GLOCK models/generations, and all S&W M&Ps and Shields. Our Duty Series covers all GLOCK models/generations, all S&W M&P and Shields, CZ P07, 09, and 10C, Walther PPQs, and all Sig Sauer P320 variants including the X-Series. Our Competition Series covers all of the previously mentioned makes/models, plus nearly every other factory polymer frame handgun, including H&K , Springfield Armory, and Beretta polymer frame models. We currently do not accept Polymer 80 type frames in any of our custom series.

A. Turn around time for both Series varies throughout the year based on our workflow. Please contact us for current time estimate prior to shipping.

A. Yes, we will need it the entire time. Turnaround time starts when we receive your project. We don't have a wait list or assign numbers. Custom projects are done in small groups, and cycled through in stages, which allows us to make steady progress on everyone's project. Please bear in mind that turnaround time is an estimate only. Sometimes we are done sooner, sometimes things take longer. As such, please ensure that you have nothing scheduled (such as department qualifications, training courses, deployments, or industry events) during or shortly after the timeframe we give you.

A. Yes, but availability of that service is dependent on our current workload, and expedited projects are done on weekends or overtime so it doesn’t interfere with our regular work or result in other projects being pushed back. Please contact us to see if we are currently offering expedited services. Note: Expedited service cost is list price plus 100%. Expedited turnaround time for frame work only is 3 weeks or less; Expedited turnaround time for complete pistol packages that included slide milling and refinishing averages 5 weeks. Expediting fees do not apply to hardware components purchased as part of the package, such as sights, extended slide stops, etc.

A. We do not offer stippling by itself, as stippling is simply traction. You can accomplish that easily by putting skateboard tape or decal grips on your frame. We only do comprehensive ergonomic grip packages in which stippling is included as the element that provides traction.

A. Yes, we are happy to receive a firearm purchased elsewhere along with your order for custom work, so long as it is a firearm we are currently offering customization services for. Upon completion, we can transfer it to you (FL residents only/ discounted transfer fee applies) or ship it to an FFL of your choosing for transfer.

A. We recently opened back up to offer transfer services. Title 1transfers are $50 (discounted to $25 for pistols sent to us for custom work; grip package at minimum is required). NFA / Title 2 transfer fee is $100 per NFA item ($75 per each additional NFA item submitted at the SAME time/session). Our transfer fee does NOT apply to firearms or NFA items purchased from us. Customer is responsible for $200 NFA excise tax payable to government.

A. Yes, for CA compliant firearms only. We are registered with CA DOJ and will secure approval documentation and include it with the shipment. $25 documentation fee applies in addition to any processing fees and shipping charges. This only applies to firearms that were purchased through us, or routed through us from a third party, with the final destination being CA. CA DOJ approval is not required for firearms that were sent to us from an individual or FFL in CA, and which are being returned to the same individual or FFL who sent them.

A. Yes, you are welcome to do so Monday through Friday during business hours. However, due to our workload and wanting to ensure that we can spend as much time as you need discussing a project, we highly recommend that all shop visits are coordinated in advance.

A. No. We only accept pistols with no permanent modifications to the relevant components for custom work. Example: if you want grip work, the frame must not have any previous stippling or material removal of any kind. If you want slide work, the slide must not have any aftermarket milling.

A. Absolutely not! Out of respect for our fellow craftsmen who--like us--have worked hard to establish a unique and recognizable trademark style, we refuse to copy anyone else's work. Aside from trying to haggle on the price of custom work, asking a shop to copy another shop’s work is about the most disrespectful thing a customer can do…

A. We do not coat frames. We want our clients to be happy with the work they receive from us for a long time, and we’ve found that under the kind hard use that most of our clients engage in, coatings on frames simply do not hold up and look shabby after awhile. If your frame is already coated, we will blast off the coating to remove it as clean as possible, then perform our work. We will not recoat the frame afterward. If you choose to have the frame coated afterward, we are not responsible for any issues such as frame warp, mags not dropping free, etc.

A. Usually yes. We always have a good variety of pistols in both our Duty and Signature work queue. We also often have AR15s we built/upgraded. FYI: we leave many of the custom pistols partially done so that customers can purchase them and have them finished their way in a very short time. Availablity of semi-finished and finished guns varies, so please call or email to check inventory.

A. We offer 10% off our Duty Series line to active duty LE and MIL. There are no discounts on Signature Series. We do not offer industry/pro discounts, and we do not send custom guns for T&E or Review. Our guns are being reviewed 24/7 by our clientele all over the country, and that’s the only feedback that matters to us.