Cobalt Kinetics Pro Series 5.56/223 AR type carbine, 16″ TAN


Cobalt Kinetics Pro Series 5.56/223 AR type carbine, 16″.  See full details in the description below.   We stock Dead Air Sierra 5 suppressors, which are a perfect match for this firearm.  Find them in our NFA section.  Free shipping to your FFL, or free transfer/local pickup at our shop.

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Cobalt Kinetics Pro Series 5.56/223 AR type carbine, 16″


After consulting with law enforcement, military, and competitive shooters Cobalt Kinetics has combined the innovative features that Cobalt is known for into a professional rifle or pistol. This is a firearm that is just as comfortable in the competition as it is in the doorway protecting your family. Coming in three lengths, there is a perfect Pro Series for everyone. All receivers and handguards are machined in-house from 7075 aluminum to maintain quality and fit.

All Pro models come standard with the following:

  • Geissele G2S Trigger
  • Radian Raptor LT Charge Handle
  • Vltor Buffer Tubes
  • B5 P-Grip
  • B5 Bravo Stock or SBA pistol brace.
  • Cobalt RCB or RCB-KM Dead Air KEYMO muzzle device (see below for info on this innovative and highly effective device)
    The RCB family is Cobalt Kinetics solution to solve excessive side blast/ concussion out of large port brakes. Our approach was a simple one, to control the expanding gasses exiting the gun so that they can be used to aid in quicker follow up shots. We accomplished this by designing a port system that optimizes the available gasses without bringing about un-necessary turbulence/ concussive energy back to the shooter.
    The result is an eloquent solution that controls muzzle climb, helps improve split times on follow up shots, and kills excessive muzzle flash. The finest attention to detail was also paid to the material selection, coatings, and tolerances on these units to provide the best possible option for your recoil mitigation needs.
    The RCB-KM Dead Air Keymo muzzle device will support any suppressor that uses a Deadair Silencers “Key mo” quick disconnect adapter.
    The Cobalt Kinetics Professional series is designed to meet and exceed the criteria for a practical rifle that can perform in the most austere (and unforgiving) environments while still being a refined tool. Critical factors taken into consideration during the design phase were; Accuracy, Operation, Recoil Mitigation, and Ambidextrous Adaptability. The end result is an elegant solution that shows what proper design and meticulous attention to detail can provide. Barrel lengths range from 7.5″ to 16″ to ensure that all mission specific configurations are accounted for and readily available to each end user.
    We started by focusing our attention on the upper receiver group and redesigning our platforms to incorporate a better locking system for the barrel and hand guard. The result of our design efforts produced a reverse threaded barrel nut that seats the barrel evenly and provides more thread engagement than traditional externally threaded receiver extensions. The barrel extension seating surface is able to be machined to a tighter tolerance as a result of the reverse threaded system and allows the barrel to use 100% of its potential accuracy (that would normally be diminished by Mil-Spec receiver extensions that have high-spots). The free-floated hand guard is then affixed to the upper receiver via a 4 point (8 screw) mounting system that attaches right to the extended portion of the upper (which houses the new barrel nut). This creates a complete upper receiver system that will produce accurate results time after time. It also offers the best features of a mono-lithic upper receiver group without the drawbacks of the traditional examples found in the market.
    The rifles are then expertly built by our trained gunsmithing team where one gunsmith focuses solely on one build at a time to ensure the production of an American Masterpiece. Every firearm goes through multiple inspections along the way to maintain the highest QC standards during the build process. Finally, all parts are inspected prior to being installed into the build. We have strived to carve out amazing OEM partnerships with the best parts/ accessories manufacturers (Radian, Geissele, B5 Systems, VLTOR, Proof Research, Rosco Mfg., etc) within our industry. The finished product is an exquisite example of what forward thinking engineering, superior parts selection, and a QC heavy production process can deliver.

    • Warranty: Cobalt LIFETIME warranty
    • MSRP: $2,450.00+
    • Calibers:
      • 5.56X45mm NATO
    • WEIGHT 12.5″ – 6lbs, 16″ – 6.5lbsUPPER RECEIVER – Cobalt Kinetics 7075-T6 Billet
      LOWER RECEIVER – Cobalt Kinetics 7075-T6 Billet
      HANDGUARD – Cobalt Kinetics 7 Side MLOK with 4 QD Mounts
      TRIGGER – Geissele G2S
      CHARGING HANDLE – Radian Raptor LT
      BARREL – Rosco Manufacturing 11.5, 12.5, 16
    • STOCK – B5 Systems SOPMOD
    • BUFFER TUBE – Vltor 5 position
      MAG RELEASE – Ambi Mag Release
      GAS BLOCK – Cobalt Kinetics Low Profile Fixed Gas Block
      GRIP – B5 P-grip
      ENDPLATE – B5 QD
      MUZZLE DEVICE – Cobalt Kinetics RCB-KM (reduced concussion brake Key-Mount) Dead Air Silencers compatible
      TRIGGER GUARD – Cobalt Kinetics Enhanced Trigger guard
      AMBI SAFETY ASSEMBLY – Cobalt Kinetics short throw ambi safety
      BUFFER – Cobalt Kinetics A5-CK buffer (developed in conjunction with VLTOR)


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