Glock Competition Series

Starting at  $165.00

Competition Series GLOCK Grip Package Includes….

360 degree mild smoothing to blend panels, edges, and the factory texture and establish a uniform flat surface. Grip profile remains stock. Finger grooves are removed and the front-strap is reinforced to retain structural integrity (gen 3-4). Leaving finger grooves in place is optional.   Trigger guard/frame juncture is undercut and polished to provide a higher grip and eliminate” GLOCK knuckle”. Grip receives 360 degree texture in your choice of sharpness. NOTE: Texture footprint is the same as our Duty Series layout, BUT features a textured border, instead of our traditional hand cut edge lines that are standard in the Duty and Signature Series. Hand cut edge lines are available in this package as an upgrade option.      

The standard GLOCK package will accept a magwell or grip plug, and while the bottom texture border is designed to line up specifically with the Freya magwell from Raven Concealment, the edge line should be high enough that the texture near the base of the grip doesn’t end up underneath any magwell with reasonable dimensions. Some magwells take up more space on the grip than necessary, so we recommend not using a magwell that extends so high that it covers the texture.  Adding a Level 1.5 or 2 reduction will negate the use of a magwell or grip plug.


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