Sig Sauer P365X MACRO backstrap insert with Razorback, textured. Size Medium


Sig Sauer P365X MACRO backstrap insert with Razorback, textured.  Size MEDIUM.  Backstrap insert only.

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Sig Sauer P365X MACRO backstrap insert with Razorback, textured.  Size MEDIUM.  Backstrap insert only.


These items are not returnable for a refund, as stated in our FAQ.  HOWEVER, even though these are some of our most popular items…so popular that they usually sell faster than we finish them, and the feedback we get from customers is almost unanimously positive…we understand that for most people, buying one without trying it is a gamble.   So in order to make the purchase less risky for you, and to do our best to ensure that you get the full benefit and satisfaction out of our work, we offer a convenient (and usually no cost) after-sale tailoring service to help you achieve the ideal fit.  

Our standard profiles, which are meant to fit most people,  may not be an ideal fit for you.  But our philosophy is that custom work is personal, not cookie-cutter.  So if you get one of our modules with the Razorback and/or the Grip Heel Enhancement mod and would like the size/profile adjusted to fit you better, we will do this for you at no charge, AND we will cover return shipping  when we are done.     Also FYI, if you got one of our custom modules without the Razorback or the Grip Heel mods, you can send the module back and we’ll add them for just the cost of the new mods.  As with the above tailoring service, return shipping is on us. For either of these services, you pay the shipping to send it back to us

We just ask that you use the module on your pistol for dry or live fire for at least 15 days to get used to it and to form a solid idea of exactly how/where it needs to  before requesting any reprofiling.   


ALSO NOTE: We craft our Razorback and Grip Heel Enhanced modules by hand, one at a time.  Although we have a template that we use to measure the finished modules against, because of their hand-crafted nature and being done by different people here, the shape/profile of each module can vary somewhat.  Also our work evolves over time and we make changes based on customer feedback, which can also result in changes to the profile.     If you have one of our modules already and are purchasing additional ones, please be aware that what you got from us in the past may not be the same was what you get now.  To avoid any unmet expectations, if you have one of our modules already and want to be sure that what you get now is close to what you already have, please place your order and then email us photos (side profile and bottom/magwell opening view) of your current module and we’ll do our best to match it.  Also note that if you get a module from us and it’s not close enough to your previous module for your liking, we’ll reprofile it for you at no charge. 


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