Smith & Wesson M&P Duty Series

Starting at  $300.00

This practical and refined modification package enhances the M&P and Shield frame’s positive ergonomic attributes, while also remedying the various common complaints shooters have with the grip. Level 1 M&P/Shield Package (L1MPS) includes:

  • 360-degree Texture. Frame textured is laid out on the grip in a shape that not only provides maximum contact for the shooter’s primary and support hands, but also complements the M&P and Shield pistols’ inherent “grain” and aesthetics. Because the M&P has a longer tang that provides very good leverage in the hand (unlike the abbreviated tang on a GLOCK that offers very little leverage), traction in the tang area of the M&P isn’t necessary, and can even be painful, hence why we don’t texture up under the tang.
  • Like the tread lugs in a mud tire, our distinctive texture profile effectively channels away liquids (sweat, blood, water, oil, etc) to prevent them from forming a slippery barrier between your hand and the grip.
  • Texture can be had in sharp, medium, or fine grades. We also offer a carry-friendly combo where the sides are less aggressive than the front and back, so as to not chafe your side or snag your concealment garment.
  • Texture is easy to clean with warm soapy water an old toothbrush.
  • Where other aftermarket texture jobs can dull and wear away with light use, our texture pattern was developed specifically to withstand daily hard use by active-duty professionals.
  • We combine comfort and ergonomics with traction and speed by transitioning our texture in key areas so as to not create hot spots or performance-inhibiting friction between your hand and the grip when drawing/manipulating/hostering the pistol.
  • Trigger Guard Undercut & Polish. The trigger guard/frame juncture is undercut and beveled convex on both sides to match the angle at wich your middle finger rests under the trigger guard for both right and left-handed grip. This essential modification eliminates the rough, sharp-cornered, textured patch that’s (inexplicably) there from the factory, and allows for a higher, more comfortable grip on the gun.
  • Magazine Release Fence Removal, M&P only (optional). The raised fence around the magazine release is relieved flush with the frame and the rear “guide tab” of the mag release button is beveled and polished so as not leave a sharp corner to greet your thumb. This mod is included in the grip package in lieu of offering a full magazine release scallop, as doing a scallop on M&P and Shield mag releases leaves them unsupported, and can result in the magazine being pinched in the gun and not dropping free, which is a major liability. By simply removing the fence, the shooter has more direct thumb access to the magazine release, and the functionality of the magazine release mechanism isn’t compromised like it is with a full scallop. Specify right or left side (a right handed shooter will normally have the magazine release button on the left side). If you’d prefer that I not remove the fence, don’t specify a side. This is not included in the package for Shields, as the Shield mag release button is steel and would require refinishing after being modified.
  • Recessed Texture Edge Lines. By framing the textured areas of the grip with deeply recessed edge lines at the top and bottom, it not only adds an element of OEM aesthetic refinement to the overall package, but also serves a functional purpose. The step created by recessing the edges helps to prevent your hand from slipping down or riding up the grip under recoil. Some shooters experience stoppages because their support hand interferes with the slide stop under recoil, which results in the slide either locking back prematurely, or failing to lock back on an empty mag. As such, the deeper recessed edge we create beneath the slide stop area helps keep the support hand from riding up too far and engaging it accidentally. (note: all textured areas outside the grip itself, such as the trigger guard and frame flats, are also framed with matching recessed edge lines.


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