Smith & Wesson M&P15-22 magazine, .22LR, black, 25 round


Smith & Wesson 25 round .22 LR magazine for the M&P15-22 series of rifles and pistols.


Unfortunately, some STATES have arbitrary and asinine laws which prohibit citizens from owning certain firearms/features, standard capacity magazines, etc.  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO KNOW THE LAW WHERE YOU LIVE, and to NOT PURCHASE ITEMS THAT ARE PROHIBITED THERE.  Canceling and refunding orders costs us time and money (the credit card processor keeps their % even on canceled orders/refunds), so if we have to cancel an order because it’s being sent to a ban state, there will be a 10% admin fee deducted from the refund to cover our expenses and wasted time.   The admin fee deduction increases to 25% if the customer gives us attitude about the order cancellation/refund policy, or implies that it’s our fault because our website didn’t prohibit the sale.  We also reserve the right to forward details of illegal purchase attempts to the relevant law enforcement agencies if necessary.  So please save us both the hassle, and don’t buy things from us that are prohibited where you live.    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation! 

*Law Enforcement customers in ban states: please send us a photo of your LE ID ASAP after placing an order.  

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This S&W® magazine is designed to fit the M&P®15-22 .22 LR series of firearms. It has a capacity of 25 rounds and features a durable metal spring with a polymer follower. It also features a see through center with a load assist button.




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