All Customers: Print and include a completed copy of the appropriate work order form with each firearm you are sending for custom work. Sender must also sign his/her name on the Waiver/Liability Release page that’s included with the order form, and provide a copy of personal ID or FFL (see below).

Private Parties: Ship via UPS or Fedex Overnight (include a copy of your Driver’s license) with adult signature delivery. Track the package to obtain delivery confirmation, as we can’t always notify you immediately when it arrives. Note: It is illegal to ship a pistol or pistol frame via the US Postal Service unless it is sent FFL to FFL.

FFL-Holders: Email us to request a copy of our FFL. Ship via your preferred carrier (include a copy of your FFL) with adult signature delivery. Track the package to obtain delivery confirmation, as we can’t always notify you immediately when it arrives.

All Customers: Failure to provide a copy of the required ID documentation (FFL or Driver’s License) and/or a signed copy of the Waiver/Liability Release in the box with the gun when it is shipped will result in the in-processing of your project being delayed until we receive those items, and will also result in a $25 administrative fee added to your work total.

Turnaround Time: FAQ

Discounts/Expedited Service:FAQ

What to Send: If you’re only getting frame work, only send the frame (complete frame, not stripped); if you want trigger tuning, send the complete firearm, as trigger tuning includes work done on components in the slide as well. Do not send magazines with the firearm unless the package you selected specifies (GLOCK Level 2 only), or if you’d like us to provide/install our custom magazine extensions. We prefer that firearms NOT be shipped to us in their factory boxes, as we have limited storage space at our shop and they can be difficult to keep track of. As such, please wrap the item(s) securely and ship them in the smallest box that will contain them. (This will also save you $ on shipping due to size/weight) If sending magazines, accessories, or any items for install, please affix a tag or piece of masking tape to each item, and write your name on it with permanent marker. We are not responsible for factory boxes, or misc items sent unmarked.

Work Order Changes: We do our best to accommodate work order change requests when possible. However, change requests will usually delay your project, as we have to move it into a different group. Also, due to how we divide the projects into groups and work on them in stages until completion, we might be past the stage where we can implement any changes. So try to submit any change requests as soon as possible, ideally within a month of its arrival at our shop.

Project Cancellations: Custom work can only be cancelled and firearms returned if we haven’t begun to work on it yet (this includes projects sent with blank or incomplete work order forms), and will be subject to a $100 cancellation fee (plus return shipping, if applicable). Once work commences on a project (usually within.