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Our Duty Series grip package, which starts at $445, is loaded with beneficial features which every GLOCK shooter will immediately appreciate. This practical combination of proven modifications takes most of the guesswork out of tailoring a grip package. All the work on each frame, from sculpting to texture/stippling to wet sanding and polish work is performed by a highly skilled artisan with a minimum of 10+ years full-time experience at this craft. Our work is done by-hand, freehand, without the use of templates, lasers, or other mechanical guides. Below is a list of what’s included in the Duty Series grip package. Note: some mods don’t apply to certain models/generations, as noted with an asterisk.  ADDITIONAL GRIP OPTIONS, SLIDE MILLING, and OTHER UPGRADES SUCH AS TRIGGER WORK, OPTICS, AND SIGHTS ARE AVAILABLE IN SUBSEQUENT BUILDER PAGES.

  • Level 1 or 1.5 reduction. Level 1 reduction retains the factory grip profile, but a mild reduction results from judicious removal of material 360 in order to to achieve a uniform flat surface prior to texturing. If you like the overall size and profile of your GLOCK grip, but would like it just a little more streamlined, the Level 1 is for you. Level 1.5 sees the same work as the Level 1, but further reduction is performed targeting the bottom 1/3 of the backstop, where the hump is most prominent. The net reduction in diameter in that area is usually around 1/8”. While the Level 1.5 is not an aggressive reduction, most shooters who find the factory backstrap hump profile a bit too intrusive prefer the 1.5 reduction. Because of how much work is already being done to the frame already, there is no additional charge for a 1.5 reduction.  In the menu, select Level 1 or Level 1.5 reduction
  • 360 degree texture (stippling). Our distinctive fishnet texture pattern is embossed into the frame by-hand, one impression at a time, providing grippy, durable, and comfortable traction. Unlike traditional tight pattern stipple jobs, which grip you by digging into your skin like sandpaper (we did that type of pattern for many years, but evolved past in pursuit of better and more durable traction) , and which are usually uncomfortable for concealed carry and also don’t last long under normal use, our fishnet pattern grips you by allowing your skin to press deep into the texture voids, locking your hands in place. Texture can be had in fine, medium, or sharp grades. The pattern looks the same visually in all grades. For concealed carry, we recommend medium. We recommend sharp for duty, training, or other non-concealed applications. In the menu, select your preferred texture grade.
  • Hand-Cut Edge Lines. We frame in all textured areas with distinctive edge lines. In addition to giving a “finished” look, the edge lines serve a functional purpose, i.e. they provide a gentle transition from the textured grip areas to the non-textured areas. Unlike laser stippling, which only burns the pattern superficially into the frame and the displaced material turns to smoke, a good by-hand stipple work yields a 2-way texture profile, where the pattern goes into the grip and also displaces slightly outward so as to stand just proud of the original surface. While this provides more rugged traction depth and doesn’t cause the loss of frame material (as occurs with laser stippling), it also can result in friction points along the edges where the texture pattern stops. So by terminating the textured edge down in the trough of the edge line, those friction points are eliminated.
  • Finger groove removal. *Only on models with factory finger grooves; also not on subcompact GLOCKs like G26. When we remove the finger grooves, we don’t just grind them off and leave the frame weak and prone to flex. We seamlessly reinforce the front strap to retain structural integrity. This reinforcement isn’t visible once the frame is textured.
  • Proper trigger guard undercut. This relieves “GLOCK Knuckle,” allows for a slightly higher grip, and is something that nearly every shooter will find beneficial. We say “proper” because there’s a right way and a wrong way to do this modification. Done wrong, the discomfort/blister effect gets worse, there’s even less room for your middle finger placement, and the trigger guard/frame juncture can potentially crack. On our undercut, we leave the middle of the undercut area thicker for structural integrity, and radius the cut higher to the right and left, creating an angle that matches the angle your middle finger rests under the trigger guard. The undercut is also extended forward to create more room for your middle finger to naturally rest.
  • Trigger guard flat texturing. This rectangle of texturing on the bottom flat of the trigger guard, forward of the trigger guard undercut, provides traction for your support hand. The texture is framed in with hand-cut edge lines.
  • Magazine Release Scallop. *Gen 3 and below only. Not recommended (nor usually necessary on Gen 4 & 5) due to how thin the frame material is around the mag release button. But on Gen 3 and below GLOCKs, we relieve the frame above, below, and behind the magazine release button, to allow more direct thumb access from behind, rather than having to come down on it from above in order to clear the frame which blocks access to the button.
  • Glove Bevel. This modification was pioneered by Boresight Solutions in the early 2000s, at the request of Miami-Dade County SRT operators who wanted more room inside the trigger guard when wearing gloves. This mod ended up being beneficial to everyone, gloves or not. The Glove bevel not only opens up the inside of the trigger guard for more trigger finger room, but also relieves the bulkiness of the frame above and behind the trigger. This reduces frame interference/friction on the trigger finger, and creates a shorter reach to the trigger. So whether you have huge hands, small hands, or wear gloves, you’ll likely notice the benefit of this modification. For trivia’s sake, the Glove Bevel is so beneficial that nearly every shop that customizes GLOCKs now offers it in one form or another, and usually calls it by the name we coined for it.
  • Tang area high cut and polish. This allows for a slightly higher grip under the tang, and also a more tapered profile on either side to get the web of your hand deeper under the tang. *Not done on 42, 43, 43X, or 48.
  • Complementary one-time grip cleanup and retexture. Our clients are shooters, and our custom guns tend to get carried and used a lot. So if our grip texture ever wears down from use and isn’t providing enough traction anymore, we will clean it up and retexture it at no charge. Frames can be retextured more than that, but the first re-texture after it leaves our shop is on the house.

4 reviews for Glock Duty Series

  1. Nicholas Reyes (verified owner)

    Boresight worked on my Glock 19 frame many years ago and recently worked on the slide to complete the build. I couldn’t be happier with their work. The stippling and slide work came out perfect. Ben stayed on top of communication the entire time and had my slide shipped back out before the projected lead time. This is the second gun I’ve had Boresight work on, and I just put in an order for another. You will get incredible quality work from Boresight. I highly recommend this build or any other for custom work.

  2. Karl Beining (verified owner)

    The ONLY way to party with a Glock for me, They simply perfected my G19 for EDC, THANKS

  3. Nick Stanko (verified owner)

    The duty series from Boresight Solutions is the perfect balance of aesthetic and function. This is not a simple stipple job, this is a complete reworking of the profile of the frame. If you want the most out of your duty gun this package is impossible to beat!

  4. Cory (verified owner)

    This is my… 6th? frame that the Boresight team has done for me, and my first full build (#7 is being done currently). As with every build before, the work is top notch. During the first few frames, Ben was available to discuss what made the most sense for my needs, and after, has always been available for questions.
    The duty series offers refinements that you don’t think matter, until you get hands on. The polish in certain areas and glove bevel are a must, and why I prefer this over the competition series. Slide work was on point as well.

    Boresight is the only frame work I recommend for these reasons.

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