Glock Duty Series

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Duty Series GLOCK Grip Package Includes….

  • 360 degree grip shavedown, with primary reduction in the front & back;
  • Finger grooves removed, and frontstrap reinforced to prevent flex/warp;
  • Trigger guard/frame juncture high cut and polished for higher grip and eliminate “glock knuckle”;
  • Bottom of trigger guard flat textured for support hand traction (can be polished smooth if you prefer);
  • Glove Bevel;
  • Magazine Release Scallop (generation 3 frames and below only)
  • Tang area high cut, tapered slightly on the sides for higher/deeper grip, and polished;
  • Bottom of grip profiled to accept Raven Concealment “Freya” magwell (only on models for which a Freya is currently available). Magwell compatible with standard Duty Series Grip package or Level 1.5 reduction (mods to mounting hardware required with L1.5) upgrade only. Not compatible with Level 2 reduction.
  • Your choice of texture grade on the grip: Sharp, Medium, Fine, or Carry Combo (medium on the front and back, fine on the sides). Medium or Carry Combo is recommended for concealed carry applications.
  • All textured areas framed in with recessed edge lines for a clean border.


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